Bulova Accutron II 'Moonview'

cal. Modified P102.12

Factory Spec. n/a

Thermoinsensitive: High Frequency (262 kHz) + Tri-pronged Resonator with Flexural and Torsional Modes

Using a modified version of the Precisionist's P102.12 movement, the Accutron II makes no specific accuracy claim and therefore teeters on the edge of not being included in the 'HAQ' category.

I bought this watch in the very early days of my HAQ collecting. I had just been Googling around for the most accurate watches and had already gone and bought the SBGV009 and the AQ1000-58B, and even though I was, at that time, already experiencing great doubt and possibly even buyer's remorse, I nevertheless went ahead and bought the Accutron II, thinking I was getting an example of a HAQ with a different approach to delivering high accuracy, and basically rounding out a very small collection. I had gone for the Accutron II 'Moonview' after failing to find a Precisioninst model that I liked and having read a review comparing the 'Moonview' to the original Accutron 'Astronaut', thereby satisfying myself that this watch, at least, had a heritage connexion, despite its questionable looks.

Having later discovered that the Accutron II did not, in fact, make the same 10 SPY claim as the Precisionist, I was thereafter forced to buy a Precisionist, anyway. It was at this point that I turned to the High Accuracy community on WUS for advice and began my Education.

Accutron II

UPDATE - I have sold this watch, as part of a pair, together with the Astronaut.

Some details of this watch may be incomplete as the watch has not yet completed comprehensive testing.

Parent Company Citizen Watch Co.
Brand Bulova
Model Series Accutron II
Model Name Moonview
Model Number 96B207
Case Number C877800
Serial Number 16879371
Approx. Date of Manufacture 2014 (estimate)
Calibre (mvt maker) modified P102.12
Calibre (brand) modified P102.12
Factory SPY unknown
TC Appproach Thermoinsensitive; HF + Tri-pronged XO
Frequency (XO 1) 262 kHz
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment none
Major Inhibition Period n/a
Minor Inhibition Period unknown
Power Disposable Cell
Cell Number CR2016
Case Back Press (requires case press for closing)
Water Resistance Not stated
Features 3-hand, no numerals dial
  Date (not perpetual)
  Second hand ticks 16 times per second
Timing Results Basic data  &  Further details
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