Seiko Majesta

cal. 5S42

Factory Spec. 20 SPY

HAQ method unknown

User Adjustable: No

maj 5s

This unusual watch employs the high-accuracy version of Seiko's 5S calibre. The second hand appears to glide smoothly around the dial, as the stepper motor delivers four pulses per second through a viscous dampening mechanism that eliminates the classic 'tick'. Unlike its sibling 5S21 calibre, hacking the 5S42 does not cause energy to bulid up in the mechanism and consequently allows for normal time-setting operation.

UPDATE - I have sold this watch. Rather unfortunate that I managed only to sell it for parts, as it was in good, functioning condtion. Still, that's life.

Some details for this watch are missing because it did not undergo comprehensive testing.

Parent Company Seiko Holdings Corporation
Brand Seiko
Model Series Majesta
Model Name Majesta
Model Number unknown
Case Number 5A00
Serial Number 056637
Approx. Date of Manufacture May 1990
Calibre (mvt maker) 5S42
Calibre (brand) 5S42
Factory SPY 20
TC Appproach unknown
Frequency (XO 1) unknown
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment none
Major Inhibition Period unknown
Minor Inhibition Period unknown
Power Disposable cell
Cell Number SR927SW
Case Back Press (no tool needed for closing)
Water Resistance 10 bar
Features 3-hand, no numeral dial
  Date (not perpetual)
Timing Results Basic data  &  Further details
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