Certina DS-2 Chronograph

ETA 251.264.CEN

Factory Spec. 10 SPY

Thermocompensated: Thermistor

User Adjustable: No

ds-2 chrono 

The DS-2 represents one of the latest series of HAQ movements from ETA. The perpetual calendar is gone from all new ETA HAQ movements, and the emphasis, now, is on two new technologies: PowerDrive and PreciDrive. The movement in this watch also solifies ETA's stance on rate adjustment - only the manufacturer (i.e. the watch brand, not ETA) can adjust the rate. So, a couple of useful features have fallen by the wayside, and two new technologies are being trumpeted. I don't consider it a great trade-off. PowerDrive and PreciDrive do not add anything functional or obviously useful. They do not improve the accuracy (which is still the same 10 SPY of older ETA movements) and their overall impact is so obscure that I cannot even recall precisely what it is that they are meant to add to the game.

Still, if you're going to have a contemporary Swiss HAQ movement, then the Certina DS-2 is a very reasonably-priced example.

There are a couple of things that bug me, though. The minute hand passes clean over the top of the minute markers and its point comes to rest on chronograph markers. This causes some confusion when reading the time. Also, the back portions of two of the chrono hands obscure the seconds at 12 (sub dial). This presents a minor awkwardness in timing the watch as I either have to avoid timing it at around the 12 mark, or run the chrono for several seconds to move the offending hands out of the way.

UPDATE - I have sold this watch. Rather sorry to see it go, actually, but needs must.

Some details of this watch are incomplete as it did not undergo comprehensive tests.

Parent Company Swatch Group
Brand Certina
Model Series DS
Model Name DS-2 Chronograph
Model Number DS-2
Case Number C024447 A
Serial Number 14BC0851375
Approx. Date of Manufacture unkown
Calibre (mvt maker) 251.264.CEN
Calibre (brand) n/a
Factory SPY 10
TC Appproach Count Adjustment & Thermistor
Frequency (XO 1) 32 kHz
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment Factory
Major Inhibition Period (Seconds) 960
Minor Inhibition Period (Seconds) unknown
Power Disposable Cell
Cell Number 394
Case Back Press (requires case press for closing)
Water Resistance 10 bar
Features 6-hand, no major numerals dial
  Small seconds at 6 o'clock
  Independently adjustable hour hand
  2-button chronograph
Date (not perpetual)
Timing Results Basic Data  &  Further Details
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  Technical details 2
  Manufacturing details
  User manual