Seiko Majesta (9063)

Timing Data

As a watch that might be considered an early version of today's Precisionist, Seiko's 'Twin Mode' Majesta is an interesting one to test. Unlike its modern counterpart, the Majesta has a rate trimmer (which may be useful), however it lacks key details such as the frequency of the oscillator.

For now, I can simply say that the Majesta is performing fairly close to its original 20 SPY spec., but far more testing is required. Its deviation from UST is currently the greatest of all my watches, being around 266 seconds behind, on the ninth of September, 2015. This staggeringly large deviation was reflected in a very large SPY value in the earlier version of the Excel spreadsheet, but since the overhaul (and, therefore, the re-setting of timing data), timings seem to suggest that the watch has settled down. This may suggest that the watch has generally poor thermal performance and has been performing well, recently, due to an episode of consistently more favourable climatic conditions.