WUS CMW 2012 Project Tourbillon

Timing Data

For one reason or another I often don't get around to timing the majority of my watches until the middle or the end of the week. This habit has made it difficult to get results for the WUS Tourbillon because it has only a 40 hour power reserve. Some early results suggested that the watch could gain as much as 50 seconds in one day and lose even more than that the following day.

Data from the 'Watch Check' app. on my Nexus suggests that this watch's performance is actually a lot better than suggested by early stopwatch timings. It does seem inconsistent, however:

Day 1 -5 SPD

Day 2 (no timing)

Day 3 -1.3 SPD

Day 4 (no timing)

Day 5 -0.3 SPD

Day 6 +0.4 SPD

Does this reflect a general trend in the watch's performance or merely the changing weather patterns of that six-day period? I am sad to say that I will never know more because I have had to sell this watch.