Swatch Sistem51 SUTF400

Timing Data

The accuracy of the Sistem51 is difficult to judge with the available data. Because the second hand does not hack, it is always out-of-step with the minute hand. It is therefore necessary to make a careful judgement of not just the second hand but also the minute hand.

I shall try a timing app. or two (on the Android platform) and update this page when there is something interesting to report.


I have tested this watch over a number of days with the 'Watch Check' app. on my Nexus. Dial down, the results so far have been as follows:

Day 1 -5.7 SPD

Day 2 -4.9 SPD

Day 3 (no timing, no winding)

Day 4 -2.5 SPD

Day 5 -2.9 SPD

This watch was timed at the same time as my other Sistem51, for comparison.