Longines Conquest AHP

ETA 205.911

What an unusual name: Armpowered High Precision. When I bought it, I had imagined (without having done any research) that it was 'high precision' in the same sense that the Longines Conquest VHP was 'high precision'. That is to say, thermocompensated and accurate to 10 SPY. I quickly discovered I was wrong. This watch is not thermocompensated and has the accuracy of any ordinary quartz watch. It is, however, an autoquartz. That ticks a box in the collection, at least.

Longines AHP

As a reminder to myself, whilst this watch is not 'HAQ', the technical documents do mention that it has a 2-minute inhibition period. It is also recommended that the watch be stored with the crown in position 3, to conserve power.

Some details about this watch are currently missing, as it is kept several thousand miles away, in the UK.

Parent Company Swatch Group
Brand Longines
Model Series Conquest
Model Name Armpowered High Precision
Model Number L1.629.4
Case Number unknown
Serial Number unknown
Approx. Date of Manufacture 1997 (estimated)
Calibre (mvt maker) 205.911
Calibre (brand) L 596.2
Factory SPY unknown
TC Appproach none
Frequency (XO 1) 32 kHz
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment unknown
Major Inhibition Period 120
Minor Inhibition Period unknown
Power Automatic, Rechargeable Cell
Cell Number MT 920
Case Back Screw
Water Resistance unknown
Features 3-hand, no numeral dial
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