Grosvenor Pocket Watch c.1930s

This is my oldest and most precious watch, as it was once my grandfather's. He lived in a little bungalow that he designed himself, after the war, and built with the help of a friend. It didn't turn out quite as he had envisioned it, but it was, and is, a lovely little home with beautiful gardens, front and back, in the village of Ashurst, in Hampshire. My grandmother and grandfather on my mother's side, lived there in complete happiness for many, many years. My mother was raised there and I spent a great many holidays there, walking in the New Forest. The house was eventually sold to pay Death Tax and this watch is one of the few things of my grandparents' that remains and that connects me to such precious memories.


Previously owned by the late Herbert Masters, of 5 Princess Road, Ashurst.

Some details of this watch are missing because it is not subject to the same tests and inspections as other watches in the collection.

Parent Company unknown
Brand Grosvenor
Model Series unknown
Model Name unknown
Model Number unknown
Case Number unknown
Serial Number unknown
Approx. Date of Manufacture 1930s
Calibre (mvt maker) unknown
Calibre (brand) unknown
Factory SPY unknown
TC Appproach n/a
Frequency (XO 1) n/a
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment User
Major Inhibition Period n/a
Minor Inhibition Period n/a
Power Mainspring (hand wound)
Cell Number n/a
Case Back Press (no tool needed for closing)
Water Resistance none
Features 3-hand, Arabic numerals dial
  Small seconds at 6 o'clock
Timing Results Basic data  &  Further details
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