Citizen Electronic Watch

cal.  5835

citizen electronic

I have acquired an electric watch as part of a job lot when I won the Crystron 4 Mega. It is an ugly thing, but I suppose it has a place in my collection as it represents a technology that is otherwise absent. These electric watches are essentially mechanical watches with batteries. Hamilton made the first such watch in 1957, just a few years before Bulova came out with the tuning fork concept, and less than a decade before quartz watches came to market.

This particular watch has a 43,200 bhp movement, which equates to a second hand that moves in 12 steps per second. While not a record-breaker, that is considerably faster than the norm, these days, and faster even than the Grand Seiko and Zenith 36,000 bph movements that are considered 'high beat', today.

This watch was not functioning when it arrived and I took it to a Citizen service centre for repair. The Citizen service centre said they do not service these watches. Given the ugliness of the watch, I don't think I would spend any money on trying to get it fixed. I have considered, however, the possibility of transplanting the movement into a new case (obviously with new hands and dial). Long term project, though. Might never happen.

Parent Company Citizen Holdings
Brand Citizen
Model Series unknown
Model Name Electronic
Model Number unknown
Case Number 350227
Serial Number 30801014
Approx. Date of Manufacture August 1973
Calibre (mvt maker) 5835
Calibre (brand) 5835
Factory SPY unknown
TC Appproach n/a
Frequency (XO 1) n/a
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment User
Major Inhibition Period n/a
Minor Inhibition Period n/a
Power Disposable cell
Cell Number unknown
Case Back Screw
Water Resistance unknown
Features 2-hand, no-numeral dial
Timing Results Basic data  &  Further details
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