Citizen Radio Controlled Watch


cal. H145

Factory Spec. 15 SPM

I acquired this watch as a stand-by time reference for the purpose of timing my HAQs when not near a computer. Unfortunately, although my position in Hong Kong is technically covered by the Chinese atomic clock (and some people, here, even report being able to pick up one of the Japanese signals), I cannot get reception. It works at my parents' home in southern England, but its inherent accuracy is so poor that it is useless as a time reference unless it has only just been synch'd.

It has got some nice features, though. The hour hand sets itself automatically when you choose the time zone. The second hand resets to 12 in the event that you should need to manually set the time. The positions of the minute and hour hands remain constantly relevant to each other. The calendar is perpetual. The watch can be set to automatically adjust for DST. Oh, and the whole thing is solar-powered and Duratec-coated.

Citizen Radio Controlled

Some details of this watch are missing as it is kept several thousand miles away, in the UK.

Parent Company Citizen Holdings
Brand Citizen
Model Series none
Model Name none
Model Number CB0011-77E
Case Number unknown
Serial Number unknown
Approx. Date of Manufacture 2015 (estimate)
Calibre (mvt maker) H145
Calibre (brand) H145
Factory SPY 15 SPM
TC Appproach none
Frequency (XO 1) 32 kHz
Frequency (XO 2) n/a
Rate Adjustment none
Major Inhibition Period n/a
Minor Inhibition Period unknown
Power Solar, Rechargeable Cell
Cell Number unknown
Case Back unknown
Water Resistance 10 bar
Features 3-hand, Arabic numerals at 12, 6 and 9
  Date (perpetual calendar)
  Independently adjustable hour hand
  Multiple time zones
  DST adjustment
  RC synch. (5 signals - excludes Anthorn)
  Solar power
  Power reserve indicator
  EoL indicator
Timing Results Basic data  &  Further details
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